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customer notice 31/8/19

Uni 200cc Crankcase.


This crankcase is a direct replacement for the longer produced SIL GP200 crankcase.  New tooling, an excellent foundry and the same process (pressure die casting) as used to manufacture the original Innocenti/SIL crankcases ensures a high quality product.


There have also been a number of small upgrades:


The base gasket surface has been enlarged to allow matching of transfers without compromising on the thickness of the gasket surface, also the transfer symmetry has been optimised.


The outer diameter of the primary compression area has been made thicker to facilitate machining to suit longer stroke crankshafts.


The engine mount positions have been strengthened.  The rear brake shoe pivot and cam positions have been corrected to improve braking performance.  Along side a number of smaller improvements.


Currently UNI have not produced an endplate to suit the crankcase, so the casings will be supplied with an original SIL end plate.  As with the SIL crankcase fitting a replacement end plate requires the engine builder to match in the end plate.


The following link shows how this is done



And the crankcases will be supplied with further written instructions.  Alternatively this work can be booked through the workshop.


Uni Crankcase                             £529.36

Cluster Bearing 6004                   £    5.03

End Plate Circlip                          £    0.77

Layshaft Bearing Track                £   4.80

3205 Rear Hub bearing               £  45.82

3205 Bearing Retaining Plate      £   7.18

4 of M6 Wavy Washer                 £    0.25

4 of M6 Nyloc                              £    1.00

2 of special 8mm Dowel              £    6.00

20 Minutes Labour                      £   16.30  


                                   Total         £616.51


The parts listed above are required to be fitted to match the end plate.  If you want these removing again and just purchase the crankcase and endplate on its own the cost will be  £555.66 This includes an additional £10.00 labour charge to remove the parts.


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