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Clo5e Ratio Update


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working alongside our manufacturer to inspect the damaged gearbox from one of the race bikes.  We have found the cause of the failure, assessed a number of design solutions and organised production of a replacement selector.


Our current plan is as follows:


Based on our previous testing, we do not believe there is an immediate danger in running the gearboxes in road bikes.  On that basis we intend to continue to run the Clo5e Ratio boxes in our own bikes, until the replacement selector is available.  We will of course update you if that confidence proves to be misplaced.


As soon as the new design is available we will be in contact with you.  We want to replace all the original design selectors with the new design.  To that end, we will require the original selector back in exchange for the new selector, or alternatively you will be able to purchase the new selector and get a full refund on the purchase price when we receive the original back.


The manufacturer has placed a high priority on this new design allowing it to jump the normal production schedule.  We expect the replacement selectors in approx. 8 weeks time (the beginning of June). If we get any new information in the intervening weeks we will provide an update and advise accordingly.  We are still happy to offer a full refund if you do not wish to keep the Clo5e Ratio gearbox. Sorry for the inconvenience and additional worry this has caused.

Below is a brief explanation of design change.

The pictures on the right shows the original design of the selector compared to the new design below it.  The weak points in the original are the reliefs at the base of the selector legs.


In the new design shown in the two lower pictures you can see the reliefs have been filled in, and where the selector legs join the selector ring there is now a larger radii.  The diameter of the center of the selector ring has been increased and the metallurgy has been altered. These changes significantly increase the integrity of the selector ring by reducing the focus of the stress points, increasing the material thickness and increasing the material core strength.



We will also be supplying slightly shorter gear pawls with the new selector to accommodate the increase in selector ring diameter.  Initially these may be modified standard pawls, but will be manufactured to spec in the future.

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