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Saturday 24th March 2018

Dear Customer


I am sorry to contact you out of the blue but I wished to provide you with some information regarding our New Clo5e Ratio Gearboxes.


On Friday, at the Mallory Race track two group 6 race bikes managed to break their gear selectors.  A selector failure is a serious issue and we are currently looking in to the mode of failure and speaking with the manufacturer.  We are taking this issue very seriously and will provide updates as we have them. 


Both of the bikes concerned are in the 40-45bhp region and were on the track when the failures occurred.


Subject to the assessment of the parts and if indeed the gear selector is inadequate for the task it was designed for then a new version of the selector will be produced as soon as possible.  In the meantime we will not be supplying any new Clo5e Ratio gearboxes until we have had chance to asses the failures.


Our product testing had involved a seasons racing in a slightly lower powered group 6 engine (approx 35bhp) and a 4,500mile hard road test in a 28bhp engine, plus several unusual event tests (slamming the bike into 1st gear at 50 and 80mph etc.)


Based on that experience, I do not believe that fast road use in 30bhp engines would be likely to result in a failure.  (One of the group 6 race riders is still running a Clo5e Ratio in his RB25 road bike and is 3000 miles in).  I plan to continue to run the Clo5e ratio boxes we have in our own bikes.  However everyone has to judge their own acceptable level of risk.  Anyone who wishes to return their gearbox will of course be given a full refund.  Equally if we experience any failures in lower powered / road engines I will provide another update and immediately issue a warning.  


Sorry for placing doubt in your mind, but I believe it is only correct to provide you with what information I have.  We are working on this at the moment and will let you know what we find. 


Best Regards



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